Frequently Asked Questions

the basics

General rules of conduct?

We keep it simple:
1 - No pornography, sexually suggestive materials, or gratuitous nudity*
2 - Do not upload images that do not belong to you - they get deleted.
3 - No cursing - this is a family friendly site.
4 - No hateful, disrespectful, nonconstructive comments.
5 - No political / religious satire - it just causes too much fighting.
6 - You must be at least 13 year old to use ShutterCal. (that's a government regulation.)

*The acceptance of minimal artistic nudity (and content of any kind for that matter) is up to ShutterCal's sole discretion, and can be deleted at any time for any reason on a case by case basis. Do not post anything you wouldn't want your mother to see!

Who runs ShutterCal?

ShutterCal is owned and operated by four good friends.
@DefaultArtist  @Amperes  @AndyTuba and  @Mach5 - learn more about us here.

Why is it called ShutterCal?

The Cal in ShutterCal stands for Calendar ...not California. ("Ahh! Now I get it!")

What am I doing here?

You are uploading one daily picture to your calendar.

This picture usually shows something that you did during that particular day, someone you saw, something that happened to you, etc... Though, you are not limited to showcasing your day. Some other ideas include posting a drawing each day, one person you talk to each day, or any number of creative ideas that you'd like to document on a day to day basis. In time, your daily photos turn into a wonderful timeline.

How do I upload images?

Step 1 - Go to your calendar
Step 2 - Click on the date you want to upload a picture for
Step 3 - Follow the prompt and select your image

I deleted a photo but it still shows up. Why?

Web browsers, by default, cache or store info so it can load quicker the next time you access the site. Because of this automatic storage of data, your old image will show itself even if you changed it. After you replace an image, hit "refresh" on your web browser. This should prompt your browser to update its information and display your new image.

Do I have to update this thing EVERY day?

You can, but you don't HAVE to...

Just be sure to take a photo every day and hold onto them, then you can fill in the days on your next visit. The average user uploads once or twice a week. Of course, the more regularly you update, the more interaction other Cal'ers will have with you and your photos. Just remember to stick with it and have fun!

Is ShutterCal limited to photography?


We love when creative people come along with a neat idea we haven't thought of. A drawing a day? A poem a day? A news clip a day? This is your daily project and the sky is the limit.

*Please note:
you can not upload copy written materials & images that do not belong to you. Upload drawings that you've drawn, words that you've typed, or any other material imaginable as long as it was created by you.

How do I adjust my image thumbnails?

1 - While looking at your image, click "edit" from the menu
2 - Then click on the image itself (A cropping tool will appear)
3 - Select the desired portion of your image, and press save

Depending on your browser settings, you may have to refresh the page to see your updated thumbnails.

A free site with no ads? What's the catch?

There is no catch. ShutterCal will always be friendly and free.

Our site is supported completely by ShutterCal's ShoeBox & Print Service, membrships, and other product sales. Profits from these services go towards further development of the site.

Daily photo projects are challenging. ShutterCal is designed to help us all stay organized, encouraged, and make this project super fun and easy. So if you love ShutterCal, support it with membership!

Why doesn't my current date unlock at 12:01am?

Our server is located in the Central Time Zone (GMT-6), so you can upload your next picture at 12:00:01AM CST.

We admit this is pretty stupid... It's on the list of things to fix...

What's with all the stars?

These 4 stars are located next to members’ names throughout the site. They visually represent how long it has been since that member last updated their calendar.

Blue = Past 24 hours
Yellow = Past Week
Orange = Past month
Grey = Inactive for over a month :(

Does ShutterCal sell or take ownership of my images?

No way!

All pictures uploaded to ShutterCal remain the property of the photographer (that's you!)


How long does it usually take to receive a ShutterCal print order?

ShoeBoxes are mailed within 24 hours, and often take less than a week. Print orders are collected weekly, printed on Wednesdays, and shipped out on Thursdays. Deliveries take approximately 2 weeks, although on occasion they can take a bit longer. For quickest delivery, select months to print from your print manager before 5pm Eastern Standard Time each Wednesday.

How do I manage my Digital+ & Print+ membership payments?

If you purchased after 3/3/2014

Simply go to your account settings and adjust your membership options.

If you purchased with PayPal

PayPal manages all credit card transactions for ShutterCal. We do not hold or manage any of your PayPal payment settings. You are under no contractual obligations to ShutterCal, and are free to manage and/or cancel your subscription settings easily from your PayPal account at any time.

All ShutterCal purchase are now managed securely through Stripe Payment System directly on as of 3/3/2014

Do I need a PayPal account?

No. As of 3/3/14 all new ShutterCal payments are made directly on without PayPal.

How do I delete my account?

Aw... we hate to see you go, but we understand. contact us and include the following information and we'll take care of it ASAP.

1 - Your member name
2 - Your e-mail address
3 - Your reason for leaving (Help us improve the site so people stop leaving...)

We do this manually to make sure all subscriptions are canceled and no additional payments are billed after cancellation. We always have members best interests at heart.

How to upload photos

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