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daily lunch bag drawings

Link to daily lunch bag drawings
Graphic designer and competitor for Best Dad Ever David LaFerriere has been drawing illustrations on his children’s sandwich bags since 2008. Lucky for us he photographs almost every single one, over 1,100 of which you can explore at thisiscolossal.com
posted by DefaultArtist on March 18, 2015

look on the bright side in 2015

Link to look on the bright side in 2015

Hi ShutterPals!
I’m writing to you from an unplanned hotel stay in Phoenix on a very quiet new Years Eve. @Amperes and I had our connecting flight from NJ to CA leave without us! So we’ve been put up by the airline for the night...

It would be so easy to get upset over a thing like this, but deep inside we know it’s not that bad. It could even be an adventure if we remember to be open to it.

So this is what we’d like to wish for all of you on this 2015 eve. This new year, no matter what you’re plans are, (and how they change) may you always see the best in any situation. May you always discover a detail too good to miss. May you, no matter what you choose to do, remember to take note of one amazing, positive, unexpected, insight each day. And when the unexpected happens, may you always have your camera ready.

Happy New Years ShutterPals!
Here’s to another happy, healthy, adventurous new year!

Much Love,
@DefaultArtist, @Amperes, @AndyTuba, @Mach5

PS: We’ve been saved by ShutterPals! An incredible thank you to @BenSpark for putting out the message, and to Phoenix ShutterPals @jeanneschaser for coming to visit us and share some beers and stories tonight! Raise a glass to each other. To ShutterCal’ers, one of the friendliest, most interesting group of photo lovers on the web. :)

posted by DefaultArtist on December 31, 2014
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At the Box Factory

Making things in the US is important. (And Fun!)

Even more fun than designing the new ShutterCal Photo Box with Taylor Box Company in Rhode Island, was our visit to see this seasons batch being made. It's so neat to see all those machines turning out these cute little ShutterBoxes. They'll hold thousands of family's memories for generations. Is one on it's way to you?
Order Yours Now!
posted by DefaultArtist on November 15, 2014

iOS8 error

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iOS8 error: There's a known issue (web wide) caused when uploading from from the iPhone's new operating system. We expect it to be resolved soon. Stay tuned. http://blog.fineuploader.com/2014/09/10/ios8-presents-serious-issues-that-prevent-file-uploading/
posted by DefaultArtist on September 23, 2014

Hello San Francisco!

Link to Hello San Francisco!
ShutterCal just moved to San Francisco. It's been about a week and we're already stuffed on rice-a-roni and IPA. Stop by and say hello!
posted by DefaultArtist on August 6, 2014
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Moving x 5,000,000

Who Loves Moving???

Have you ever moved apartments or office buildings? Isn't it funny how it really puts into perspective just how much stuff you really have? Well... ShutterCal just had to do that, in a digital equivalent. We just moved nearly five million images to a big fancy-pants new server. (and boy are we tired!)

We're glad you missed us.

We're not gonna lie ShutterPals... We knew this would take time, and it was kind of nice to see all of you buzzing for the site's return. As you know, we're not a giant corporation... We don't make money from selling ads... We are supported entirely by digital+ and Print+ memberships. so please consider joining the club. Your photos are worth it ;)
posted by DefaultArtist on April 6, 2014

Calling All Creatives!

We all know ShutterCal is great for daily photos, but we love & embrace creative journals of all kinds. Drawing a day, poem a day, meal a day! And anything else you can think of.

Dare your friends to the daily

If you've got a creative friend, invite (dare! implore!) them to join you in unleashing their creativity a little each day. Show them this oldie but goodie - The ChickenFox http://www.shuttercal.com/calendar/TheChickenFox/2010/1/ and cheer them on as they create their own daily project.

5 benefits of a daily art challenge

It will keep your brain fresh.
Help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and consistencies.
It's creatively challenging, and artists love a challenges.
Improve your ability to hone in on an idea and learn to execute it quickly as well as meticulously.
It will show a creative sides to you didn’t know you had.
An interesting way to visually calendar your year; You can look at a piece and think more clearly about what was going on that day.

TheChickenFox - Classic Daily Drawing Project

TheChickenFox Daily Drawing Project

More Inspiration

You can find a much broader exploration of the benefits to daily art challenges all over the web, including this post by one of our favorite design blogs - SmashingMagazine.com We're wishing daily creativity and inspirations for you!

posted by DefaultArtist on March 21, 2014
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