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iOS8 error

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iOS8 error: There's a known issue (web wide) caused when uploading from from the iPhone's new operating system. We expect it to be resolved soon. Stay tuned. http://blog.fineuploader.com/2014/09/10/ios8-presents-serious-issues-that-prevent-file-uploading/
posted by DefaultArtist on September 23, 2014

Hello San Francisco!

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ShutterCal just moved to San Francisco. It's been about a week and we're already stuffed on rice-a-roni and IPA. Stop by and say hello!
posted by DefaultArtist on August 6, 2014
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Moving x 5,000,000

Who Loves Moving???

Have you ever moved apartments or office buildings? Isn't it funny how it really puts into perspective just how much stuff you really have? Well... ShutterCal just had to do that, in a digital equivalent. We just moved nearly five million images to a big fancy-pants new server. (and boy are we tired!)

We're glad you missed us.

We're not gonna lie ShutterPals... We knew this would take time, and it was kind of nice to see all of you buzzing for the site's return. As you know, we're not a giant corporation... We don't make money from selling ads... We are supported entirely by digital+ and Print+ memberships. so please consider joining the club. Your photos are worth it ;)
posted by DefaultArtist on April 6, 2014

Calling All Creatives!

We all know ShutterCal is great for daily photos, but we love & embrace creative journals of all kinds. Drawing a day, poem a day, meal a day! And anything else you can think of.

Dare your friends to the daily

If you've got a creative friend, invite (dare! implore!) them to join you in unleashing their creativity a little each day. Show them this oldie but goodie - The ChickenFox http://www.shuttercal.com/calendar/TheChickenFox/2010/1/ and cheer them on as they create their own daily project.

5 benefits of a daily art challenge

It will keep your brain fresh.
Help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and consistencies.
It's creatively challenging, and artists love a challenges.
Improve your ability to hone in on an idea and learn to execute it quickly as well as meticulously.
It will show a creative sides to you didn’t know you had.
An interesting way to visually calendar your year; You can look at a piece and think more clearly about what was going on that day.

TheChickenFox - Classic Daily Drawing Project

TheChickenFox Daily Drawing Project

More Inspiration

You can find a much broader exploration of the benefits to daily art challenges all over the web, including this post by one of our favorite design blogs - SmashingMagazine.com We're wishing daily creativity and inspirations for you!

posted by DefaultArtist on March 21, 2014
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Meet the Team - ShutterCal Podcast

Link to Meet the Team - ShutterCal Podcast

Sure you've seen us around, but wouldn't you like to know more about the makers of ShutterCal? Turn your volume up and listen in. Hear the story of who we are and why we make ShutterCal.

Listen Now

posted by DefaultArtist on March 19, 2014

Easier ordering on ShutterCal

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Great news everyone,
You don't have to use PayPal. You have the power to control your Print & Digital membership, upgrade and manage your account right from ShutterCal.

Become a member today
posted by DefaultArtist on March 9, 2014

ShutterCal Redesigned!

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Hi Everyone!
We imagine there isn't a single ShutterCal'er out there who hasn't logged on today to realize the site is 100% redesigned. After so many long long nights of preparing this for all of you, we loved waking up this morning (afternoon really) to "Wow new ShutterCal!" tweets and Facebook exclamations. The heart of ShutterCal remains the same, but the architectural advancements to the site have opened us up to offer the very best features of moden web design. :)

What's new:


WOW! These may take a bit to get used to (believe us, after 5 years of grey it was quite the change.) We listened and worked with many of the Digital and Print members to deliver a bright new pallet. Who's ready for spring?! ;)


The core areas of ShutterCal's community remain the same. Calendar, Explore, Forum, Store - But they've been simplified into four defined sections. Right now these areas are exactly the same as they've always been, but in time will be evolved and upgraded to suit your personal connections. Friends photos will rise to the top, and ads will be replaced by stats, faves, and features that add a lot of fun and discovery to the community.

Responsive Design

This is fancy designer speak for saying the entire sight adjusts and resizes to fit any screen or web browser perfectly. A perfect experience for each devise! You get more room and images on your computer, the perfect layout on your tablet, and a simplified easy to navigate and read version on ANY smart phone. (Can you see me - aka @DefaultArtist jumping for joy? Because I'm totally geeking out about this!)

Digital & Print Membership

This is the lifeblood of ShutterCal. Everyone you see with a support badge is making this community possible. We've added a ton of exclusive features for members, and we're working with them (and you?) to offer much much more. So if you're not a digital or print member yet, come learn all about it. It's pretty awesome.

Enjoy & keep shooting!
Team ShutterCal
posted by DefaultArtist on February 15, 2014

ShutterCal is...

A calendar based daily photo journal. Document your favorite image of each day, and have them delivered as beautiful prints each month with a single button click.

Monthly Print Service

Our print service combines your photos and journaling into beautiful packs of prints, and delivers them monthly throughout your project. It's an experience like no other.