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It's a True Love Story Actually...

One wonderful day @DefaultArtist met @Amperes

Amperes heard about something called the #365project - documenting one photo each day for a year - from a web comic called @AppleGeeks, and decided to give a try.

DefaultArtist was a museum exhibit designer who loved listening to dislikes and challenges of trying to organize and share this project on the internet. It wasn't long before he wanted to design a better way.

It wasn't long before @Mach5 came along to turn @DefaultArtist's designs into a functioning prototype.

Now our friends could join!
And their friends!

Since that day ShutterCal has been driven by it's community. Many of the original members, like @RIGuitarGod, are still here as we realized together that 365 is just a beginning. Daily photo journalling is a positive habit that has become a insightful and reflective part of life.

Even the fourth member of ShutterCal came from the community, when @AndyTuba started helping us build features and became an indispensable part of the team.

Today the movement is charging forward. Thousands of ShutterCal'ers are uploading millions of daily photos, has ShutterCal provides a world class print service delivering worldwide.

- Your happy ShutterCal family!
(DefaultArtist, Amperes, Andy, & Mach5)