Photosanity + ShutterCal Bundles

Designed to give you the motivation, inspiration, support and tools you need to set yourself up for a successful photo-a-day project.


Ad free, advanced privacy, project stats, customized sharing tools, badges, discounts and more.




Beautiful monthly prints with your journaling on the back.
Includes digital membership + free shipping.



Membership Features

  • Print

  • Digital

  • Basic

Everyone gets a ShutterCal calendar

It organizes your project effortlessly. Just click the desired date and submit a photo - it couldn’t be easier. It all works on all smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.

Our new multi-upload interface helps you fill entire months of photos in minutes. You can spend more time shooting, and less time loading images.

ShutterCal is a great community.

Taking a photo every day for any length of time can seem daunting - but being a part of ShutterCal's community makes it fun and easy.

Forums, contests, activities and feedback from others members are all part of a system designed to keep you creatively motivated.

No worries!

You can upgrade, or cancel a membership any time with a few clicks. No obligations, no worries.

We are real people, ready to help you

ShutterCal is run by real people, and when you're a supporting member we do every single thing possible to assist you with whatever you need. All your question or request will be answered withing 24 hours guaranteed.

Members make ShutterCal possible, and we're always here for you. That's a promise.

Complete privacy

Make your project completely private with a single click. You can even create an optional visitors password for friends and family.

After 2 months of membership your privacy settings will never expire — even if you cancel your membership.

Why is privacy a paid feature?

Because ShutterCal is supported by members. We don't sell information or ads.

Don’t like seeing badges? Turn ‘em off. Want your account set to private? One click and you’re set. All your controls are in one easy location, so you can get the most out of your project, without any fuss.

See your project in fun new ways

Stats are a quick and elegant way to understand the number of views, comments, and times your image has been favorited.

As the year progresses, your analytics section becomes a really fun way to visualize your project and friends.

A whole new world of challenges, rewards, and achivement badges can be won. This adds a whole new layer of fun and inspiration to the project.

This badge displays next to your name on all pages for the lifetime of your membership, in recognition of your awesome support. Thank you for making ShutterCal possible!

Save money

From postcards to shirts, to logo pillows, and all the other crazy fun collectables that pop up in the ShutterCal store - they’ll even more fun when you’re getting a deal.

You’ll also get a heads up on new stuff before anyone else. Never miss out on your size, never be too late for limited edition items - members always get first dibs on pre-orders.

Truly the best daily photo print service in existance.

Your project really comes to life when you receive these superb quality prints in the mail to collect each month. Each print is double-sided with your image and date on the front, and your journaling on the back, and many customizable options.

Your master control center for all things printing. Simple yet thorough, your print manager allows for control of every print service detail. Edit your print style, shipping destination, and choose which months to print and when to print them - all with a few easy clicks.

We're kinda like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, nobody knows what’s going to pop out of the Shuttercal lab - but instead of little orange oompa-loompas, we work with you. You’ll see and test features before everyone else. We’ll fine tune things to suit your particular opinions and fancies.

ShutterCal's PhotoBox & Print Service got its start this way. And if you love exclusive freebies, then we’ll have a lot of fun testing new things together.